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Here comes the S-Class Darkstalker, the Vampire Savior!

DISCLAIMER: I wish that Capcom can take this moveset into consideration. I give no claim over Capcom's use of this moveset, and I give the permission to Capcom to use or modify this moveset.

Jedah Dohma

Origin: Darkstalkers 3
Stamina: 1,000,000
Voice Actor: Travis Willingham (EN)

One of the strongest beings in Darksalkers universe (the others being Morrigan-Lilith fusion, Morrigan's stepfather Belial, Dee and Anita), as one of the three High Nobles of Makai, he sees his realm in danger of destruction. So he decided to save them by creating a pocket dimension called Majigen and absorb all powerful souls into it to be fused into an ultimate life form, Shintai (aka "Fetus of God").

His powers including his own blood which can hurt enemies, which he can turn into jagged blades, his quickly-regenerating body, his razor floating wings that can be used as a giant scythe, as well as leaping through dimensions, sensing powerful souls on a cosmic scale, and absorbing them.

In the games, his attacks are all gory, including (but not limited to) splitting his hands into 3, cutting his own head and spray his blood to the enemy, or grabbing the enemy with a demonic hand coming from the ground and slamming and grinding them against the ground multiple times.

Suggestions are welcome.



  • Standing: L – a short poke with his wing (hits low), M – his nails on his right hand stretches out and impales the enemy, H – he splits his left arm into 3 and all of them strike once each, S – he scratches the ground in front of him and a bloody red spike comes out from it.
  • Crouching: L – a straight claw attack (doesn't hit low), M – he does a swipe with his left hand, hitting the enemy with his clawed finger, H – he does a low slash with his scythe.
  • Aerial: L – a short poke with his wing, M - nails on his right hand stretches out and impales the enemy, H – some bloody hunks revolve around him (like Morrigan's jumping H), S – a downward slash with his scythe.


  • (Air OK) Forward Throw: He grabs his opponent's face with his elongated hand, then he injects his blood into the opponent's body a few times, before an explosion emits from enemy's body, knocking them away. Mash Atk button for more hits.
  • (Air OK) Backward Throw: He holds his enemy high with his hand as he turns backward, then a burst of blood comes out from his body (isn't shown though) which knocks enemy away.



  • F + H – a wide scythe slash that does soft knockdown.
  • (Air OK) F, F or B, B – His special dash, wherein he emits red energy from his hands to propel himself forward or backward diagonally, and can be controlled while flying (like Morrigan's own dash).



  • (Air OK) QCF + Atk – Dio=Cega: He throws a small saw-blade that expands after going through a certain distance and stay there for a few seconds, hitting the enemy multiple times. Can be used as a "wall" to block enemy's attacks and projectiles (but not hypers). Button strength used determines the angle of throw.
  • DP + Atk – Spreggio: Depending on the Atk button pressed:
    • L version – He cuts his own head and then he fires out a spray of blood a short distance forward. Does hard knockdown.

    • M version – This time, he does a guarding pose. When attacked, he does the above; this time, the blood spray wallbounces.

    • H version – Same as above, but this version blocks low attacks.
  • QCB + Atk – Nero=Fautica: He does a wide claw slash while stepping backwards. More or less a defensive move, it's hard to combo into this move unless you're in the corner. If successfully hit, the enemy will be trapped in a red orb. Attack the orb to inflict damage on the helpless enemy before the orb pops out.
    • The button strength determines the delay before the attack starts (L comes out instantly, H has about 0.75 second delay, M is in between) as well as how long the enemy is trapped (L - about 1 second, H – about 2 seconds, M is in between).
  • (Air Only) QCB + Atk – Ira=Spinta: He flies down at 60 degree angle (L), 45 degrees (M), or 30 (H) and grabs the enemy in the way, then he flies up and then downward while drilling his enemy with his morphed wing multiple times (Mash Atk for more hits). This attack counts as a throw. Has some priority.
    • If you press S before he flies down, he will instead turn himself into a giant circular saw blade, hitting multiple times while flying with the same trajectory. Can be used to extend combos.
  • (Air OK) QCB + S - Flight: Just the good ol' flight. Lasts for 3 seconds.



  • Alpha: Dio=Cega M [Shot] [Front]
  • Beta: Spreggio L [Direct] [Front]
  • Gamma: Nero=Fautica H [Direct] [Extra]



  • (Air OK) QCF + 2 Atk – ES Dio=Cega: He throws a larger version of Dio=Cega that stays in one place and does multiple hits (about 25 hits).
  • QCB + 2 Atk – Pirova Dei Cervo: He sends out a small wave of his blood forward along the ground. When you press S, said wave will spontaneously transform into a giant hand, trying to grab the enemy. If successfully hit, Jedah disappears and said hand slams and grinds them against the ground multiple times before a giant manuscript appears in the background, the hand then slams the enemy against the manuscript, and then Jedah reappears and take said manuscript into his body.
    • This attack is normally unblockable, but can only hit standing opponent, in Darkstalkers games. In this game, this attack is blockable, but now can hit jumping opponent for a surprise.
  • (Level 3) DP + 2 Atk – Finale Rosso: He makes a puddle of blood appear on the ground in front of him (L + M), about half screen away (L + H), or almost full screen (M + H). If there's an enemy on top of it, the enemy will sink downward into a "red world". Jedah then appears there as multiple red hands maul the enemy from all sides. Finally the enemy is knocked up upwards by a giant pillar of blood from said puddle, and then Jedah comes out from the same place as well.


Jedah is (c) Capcom.
My moveset for Jedah for UMvC3 DLC! :iconimhappylaplz:

See also his moveset here!

Jedah is (c) Capcom.
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